Testimonials from Students of Alan's School of Motoring


4th July, 2013 

When I began taking lessons with Alan I was quite a nervous driver and had no driving experience. Through taking the 12 EDT lessons with Alan and pre-test preparation I steadily gained confidence and driving skill thanks to his constant encouragement and patience. He led me through all of the areas I needed to improve on for every aspect of the driving test and with his guidance I got my test first time. I would definitely recommend Alan's school of motoring if you want to learn the skills needed to pass your test in a friendly, professional environment. Thanks Alan!

25th June, 2013 

Hey Alan, I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test first time. You were always very calm and patient throughout all of my lessons, especially when i wasn't doing well. From the minute i touched the wheel you couldn't have been more friendly or considerate and i would not be driving now without your guidance. In everything from the 12 EDT lessons to pre-test to the test itself you were very professional and supportive in every way. I would highly recommend Alan's School of Motoring to anyone looking to be a competent and safe driver.

21st June, 2013 

Hi Alan, I would like to say thanks for all your help leading up to my exam and helping me pass my exam on the first go, I never thought it would be possible but with your help I passed with no problems. I was not very confident when I first met you about my driving but just after a few lessons from you I have to say that changed, I was delighted you should me the routes my exam would take place, so I could go practice them myself. You were very patient with me which was very much appreciated and your positive attitude was definitely what made me feel that I can do it. The pre test lesson the morning before my exam calmed my nerves and reminded me of a few handy tips you thought me, I am happy to say I am now a good driver and I can even reverse around counters with no hassle at all. You are a very easy going instructor and I would recommended you to all my family and friends, best of luck in the future and thanks for making me a safe driver with a FULL license.

24th May, 2013 

Hello Alan! Thank you for your help in preparing me for the exam. I am very happy that with your help I passed the test on the first try ! Many thanks, Agnieszka (Agnes).

16th May 2013 

HEY ALAN, I passed the driving test. I'm glad I took the lessons with you, you are the best instructor:)))!!! Thank you very much:))) VIOLET

8th March 2013 

Well Alan, thanks again for helping me pass the driving test first time. It was a great help showing me all the test route in the weeks leading up to the test, you were a very patient and understanding instructor. The pre-test lesson before the test was also very helpful it really helped me by just going over the simple things. coming in with me in the waiting room also helped to calm my nerves. I would have no problem with advising my friend to do their lessons with you. Thanks again for all your help. Lee

8th March 2013 

Alan was fantastic in every sense of the word in getting me ready for my test. I have been driving for a good few years and said i would finally get ready and get the test over and done with. I contacted Alan as i heard many good reviews from various people. I don't drive as i live in Cork so i had not driven in about a year so obviously i was very anxious and nervous about doing a test in driving when its not something i do often. Alan was very quick to calm my nerves and was very patient in addressing the things i needed to fix. More so than anything Alan was great because I had a laugh with him and this really helped me not fixate on the test as much as i had been. I would highly recommend and will be recommending Alan to anyone i know preparing for a test or learning to drive both in Kerry and in Cork. Would not pick anyone else :)

1st March 2013 

You don't know how happy I am to pass my test, but without you id probably still be a passenger :). Never saw such a patient instructor and so committed to the job like you. Thank you for all your help you are the best and I already recommended you to few friends who are thinking to do there driving test ;). God bless you and your family. P.S. Still hear your voice when driving ha ha ha

28th February 2013 

Hi Alan. you are the best instructor in Tralee. I'm glad that I took lessons with you because i passed the first time. Thank you for your patience knowing that I can not English well. Alan you are the best

8th February 2013 

Just passed my driving test, DELIGHTED, must say a big thanks to Alan for being very patient and showing me all the routes and covering all the questions for the test. Going from not even being able to drive to passing my test and made me fell very comfortable in the car during lesson and all my EDTs and before my test. Brill driving instructor and highly recommended Cheers Alan thanks a million mate.

28th January 2013 

Hi Alan, just want to thank you for everything, all your help in passing my test was much appreciated. Your keen interest, great patience and attention to detail kept me motivated throughout, all of which paid off in the end. Highly recommended. 

23rd January 2013 

Just a quick word about Alan I didn't have a clue how to drive before I did my 12 EDT lessons but i listen to what Alan had to say and i passed my test on the first go tester said who ever I did my lesson with thought me well thanks again Alan

22nd January 2013 

Wonderful instructor, very patient, well-prepared for the driving test, explains very well, thank you Alan for your help and patience

28th December 2012 

Thanks very much for everything ,I passed first time Alan was a big part of that. I have done five to six lessons with Alan which were great value. He taught me all the routes and  give me homework to practice for our next lesson which was very helpful. I think for me on the day of the test we had a lesson and it was a nice touch to come in with me and sit in the waiting room with me, with the nerves setting in it was nice to sit and talk instead of sitting there thinking about the test. I will be recommending Alan to any of my friends who need lesson. THANKS Alan

7th December 2012 

Hi Alan, Charlie here, just wanted to thank you for all your help in preparing me for the driving test, it all helped me in my test especially in the aspect of changing lanes which was one of my big faults which I corrected in my lessons as well as my reversing , thanks again for helping me pass.

27th November 2012 

Alan was Brilliant! He kept me highly motivated through the twelve lessons. He went through all the test routes in great detail. I got two practice lessons right before the test which was very beneficial. Passed my test. I would recommend Alan to anyone of my friends!

9th November 2012 

A big Thank you Alan, I would like to Thank you again, with your help, my son and I passed driving test first time. I would recommend you to anyone interested in learning to drive. You are EXCELLENT TEACHER, patient, always in time and I knew from the beginning you wants to make sure
we pass our test with success. Thank you again Renata and Peter

5th November 2012 

Alan is a great instructor, he showed me the controls, gears, technical checks and the positioning on the road. I would recommend Alan to anyone as he is very good at explaining things and is patient also. He also helps you build your confidence at driving if your a newly driver.

31st October 2012 

I would like to thank Alan for helping me pass my driving test. Few months ago, I took my first driving test and unfortunately failed even after taking some lessons from different instructor. When I first went for driving lesson from Alan, I felt right there and then that I'm on the right track. I highly recommended Alan to my friends. My wife is due for her test in few weeks, surely I will tell her to go to Alan.

30th October 2012 

I want to thank Alan for preparing me for the test............for his patience because I do not know the English language well, he taught me how to properly drive a car and pass the test first time :D is nice and pleasant greetings MALGORZATA :)

12th September 2012 

" Alan is a lovely, nice and very patient instructor. He prepared me for test, gave me lots of tips how to drive correctly and what's the most important covered everything what was required to pass the test. And the result of that was...I have a full driving license now:)  If I had to choose a driving instructor  once again it would be Alan in 100%:) "

3rd September 2012 

" I would just like to thank you again for helping me to pass my driving test . I just want to clarify that the lessons were an invaluable learning curve in how to control a car , and they provided me with the necessary skills to pass the test. Finally I would like to say Alan is a wonderful teacher/instructor and the lessons were provided in a friendly , safe and fun environment."


30th August 2012 

"I am from Poland. I hear about “Alan’s School Of Motoring” from polish friends. I hear he is very good. Now I can say yes  excellent teacher. Thank you Alan passed first time."

1st August 2012 

"Alan was very professional in what he does, he never rushed explaining things to me. He gave me material to study and was at test centre the day of exam. He kept me calm when I was nervous. Thank you Alan."

16th July 2012 

"Alan is excellent teacher. He was highly recommended through a friend of mine who also passed test. I have no hesitation in recommending Alan’s School of Motoring. “Best Instructor”"

13th July 2012 

"Passed first time, I would like to thank Alan who trained me very well from beginning stage to EDT Stage(12 Lessons) and now I’m Qualified driver. Also thank you for letting me hire your car and showing me all test routes. A gentleman and I would highly recommend."

6th June 2012 

" would definitely recommend the service, great instructor, really helpful and accommodating and perfect for succeeding in the test."

15th April 2012 

I Did my driving test two weeks ago and passed first time! Didn't even want to do my test but Alan encouraged me to go ahead with it. Would still be worrying about it now if he hadn't! Alan was so accommodating with days and times for lessons. Always calm and encouraging. Thanks once again for all the help Alan. Best driving instructor ever!! :)

9th March 2012 

I would like to Thank Alan for all his help with preparing for the test. I have been driving for awhile, and Alan spent time correcting my mistakes, He has a very positive attitude and is very calm and great craic!  Alan knew all the test routes which really helped, His experience and knowledge are an invaluable asset when your in such a predicament and your guaranteed a laugh which is a bonus! 
I would recommend him to anyone, he went above and beyond to help and I couldn't have asked for anymore! I passed first time with his help! Thanks again Alan, couldn't have done it without you!!

12th February 2012 

Alan, delighted to have just passed my test, 1st time.  Thanks for all your help, advice and support.  I really benefited from the new 12 EDT lessons, they prepare you very well for your test and driving in general.  A very helpful ADI, thanks very much Alan, all the best in the future.

8th February 2012 

Hi Alan. I'm writing to you because I passed an exam for driving license. Thank you for all the lessons and tips that have helped to obtain a license. I will be recommending you to my friends.

8th January 2012 

Alan, Thanks again for all your help and assistance in guiding me through the test process. Throughout the lessons, I gained the confidence and knowledge i needed to ensure i successfully passed the test. I found alan to be very accommodating and flexible in regards arranging times that suited me. I found the test to be challenging but would definitely recommend receiving a few lessons as part of your preparation as alan provides you with a step by step instruction of everything to ensure there are no surprises on the day...If he could get me to pass theres hope for everyone... 

5th January 2012 


22nd December 2011 

I would like to thank Alan very much for making me pass my driving test. Alan is very good driving instructor and he will make sure that you get your L plates removed from your windscreen after your first test. More than that you will learn techniques of driving each time. he is the real deal............

9th December 2011 

Hello Alan, Aidan O Sullivan here. I would just like to thank you for the lessons that you gave me and in helping me to pass my driving test. I felt I was improving after each lesson which helped to raise my confidence. I really found your explanations to be very helpful as they cleared up so many doubts that I had previously. I always felt at ease and never under any pressure which helped me to drive better. All the best for the future, Aidan.

6th December 2011 

I’am 18 years  of age and took 5 lessons with alan .I can tell you now I would have failed my test only for alan’s knowledge of the test routes,he was very calm and I found him to be very understanding.Every lesson was enjoyable,he tested me on the rules of the road and opened up the bonnet where he tested me.I really feel I know more about my car and how to drive safely.I passed first time. Thanks