Driving Courses Available

Pre-Test Lessons

Alanís School Of Motoring has designed this lesson to highlight any faults and rectify them before the test is taken. As soon as you receive your test date contact us immediately so that enough time is allowed for any changes to become part of your driving style. We give an oral and written feedback using the same marking sheets as the testers.


One Hour Driving Lesson

Suits people who have a busy schedule or who want to spread out the time it takes to learn to drive.


Two Hour Driving Lesson

This is our most popular course at Alanís School Of Motoring. It gives more time behind the wheel. It also allows the student time to relax so more of the lesson is retained. As a driving school in Kerry we feel this is ideal for a nervous student.


Ten Hour Intensive Course

A popular course as students can learn the basics of driving in a week. Run over 5 days with a two hour lesson each day. As a driving school in Kerry we feel this is ideal for a learner driver.


EDT Lessons/Sponsor

As a driving school in Kerry we at Alanís School Of Motoring can act as a persons sponsor for their EDT Lessons if a sponsor is not available, in conjunction with providing the EDT Lessons.